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On the page below you will find extra information and resources that we only share with our guests. Access period: 1 month. Table of contents:

  1. Coupon booklet with discounts and surprises
  2. Small Hungarian-English glossary (with video)
  3. Programme ideas: what to do without a guide?
  4. FAQ: how to pack, weather, transport, airport information, sightseeing planner
  5. List of restaurants by location and price category
  6. Best selfie points (with tips)
  7. Treasure hunt map with kids

1. COUPONS 2024

The coupon booklet below contains special offers, discounts and surprises from our partners. Please pay attention to the conditions and call or write if you have any questions.


Learn basic Hungarian phrases and communicate in Hungarian in restaurants and shops. :)

Good morning/afternoon! - Jó napot!
Good evening! - Jó estét!
Good night! - Jó éjszakát!
Goodbye! - Viszlát!
Have a nice day! - Legyen szép napod!
Hungary - Magyarország
I don't speak Hungarian. - Nem beszélek magyarul
Can you help me? - Tudna segíteni?
Thank you. - Köszönöm
You are welcome. - Szívesen
Cheers! - Egészségedre!
Beer, wine, pálinka - Sör, bor, pálinka
Chimney cake - Kürtőskalács
Christmas market - Karácsonyi vásár
Beach - Strand
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Egy, kettő, három, négy, öt, hat, hét, nyolc, kilenc, tíz
Hi / Bye - Sziasztok

what to do without a guide?

😊Cruise on the Danube (with or without dinner) : 

😊 Great Market Hall: 

😊 Fashion Street Váci utca i Vörösmarty plac

😊 Musical theatre: 

😊 Parliament inside (audioguide is available) : 

😊 Baths, beaches: Gellert, Palatinus, Szechenyi, Király or Rudas.

😊 Evening walk along the Danube: 

😊 Excursion beyond Budapest: Szentendre, Visegrád, Gödöllő, Bánki lake, Dunakeszi beach.

😊 Museums: Ethnography (Néprajzi), Fine arts (Szépművészeti), Agriculture (Mezőgazdasági) 

😊 With Kamas: Pinball Museum, Retro Museum, Selfie Museum, Caffé Zoo, Museum of Illusions, Search for Michala Kolodko's mini sculptures, Palace of Wonders - science interactive museum

4. F.A.Q

Before you travel: How to pack, what weather to expect in Budapest?

In autumn and spring: jeans, sweater, jacket, sneakers or boots, thin scarf. In summer: sandals, sports shoes or slippers, shorts or skirt, summer dress, jeans, tops, swimsuit, a thin sweater for the evening. In winter: a warm coat, hat, scarf, sweaters and jeans. boots or boots (it snows little but it's cold). Carry an umbrella in all seasons!

Before travelling: Where to book accommodation?

Book accommodation within this range if you don't want to spend a lot of time travelling into the city. Recommended hotels and apartments.

How is the traffic in Budapest? How do I buy a ticket? How do I get from the airport to the city centre?

Budapest transport is very good: you can find tickets and connections on (but Google Maps also shows the connections well and accurately). Everything is clearly signposted. You can buy your tickets in the BKK app, at the ticket office (usually at a metro station) or at the vending machines. The most popular tickets and passes for tourists are: 1-day ticket, 3-day ticket, 24-hour group ticket.

From the airport to the city centre, the 100E bus takes you directly (special higher-priced ("airport bus") ticket) and the 200E bus (for which a normal day ticket is sufficient, but you have to change at the "KÖKI" stop to metro 3).

What local food is worth trying in Hungary?

Gulyás soup, stew (which foreigners call gulyás), gypsy pecsenye, Hortobágy pancakes, Hungarian chicken soup, bean soup.
Desserts: somlói dumplings, drum cake, rigójancsi cake, Gundel pancakes.
Streetfood: lángos.
Snacks: scones, horn cake, Cottage cheese Rudi.

What souvenir should I buy?

Bag or T-shirt with Hungarian motifs.
Salami ("PICK").
"Szamos" marzipan.
Wines: Egri bikavér (St Andrea cellar, Tóth Ferenc), Irsai Olivér (Garamvári, Hilltop), Tokaji Aszú (Kiss István, Zombori)

If something goes wrong, what should you do?

The emergency number in Hungary is 112, which anyone can call free of charge (even without a SIM card). There are English-speaking colleagues who will connect you to the police, ambulance or fire brigade. If you need language assistance for an urgent problem, call 0036202359758 immediately.

What to see on a Budapest city tour?

Get some ideas from this 2-day planner, and even follow the 2-day plan in full. This way you'll see all the important points and your sightseeing won't be too rushed or too uncomfortable.

5. Recommended restaurants by price category

Price: *** 10-30 euro/person

Lecsó Restaurant (PEST, near the Nyugati railway station)
Drum Café (PEST, next to the big synagogue) COUPON!!
Lugas Restaurant (PEST, behind St. Stephen's Basilica)
Bécsi Szelet (PEST, Üllői út) COUPON!!
Széchényi Restaurant (PEST, Városliget) COUPON!!!
Gozsdu Lángos (PEST, in the Gozsdu courtyard, in the Jewish quarter) COUPON!!!
Szeged Vendéglő (BUDA, next to Szent Gellért Square) COUPON!!!

Price: **** 40-50 euro/person

Getto Gulyás (PEST, in the Jewish Quarter)
Aszú Restaurant (PEST, next to the Basilica)
Textúra (PEST, near the Basilica)
KIOSK (PEST, near the Elisabeth Bridge)
Ezüst Ponty restaurant (BUDA)
Pest-Buda restaurant (BUDA, in the castle)
21 Restaurant (BUDA, in the castle)

6. The best selfie points

Point 1: in the castle, you can do excellent photos with the view of Budapest from the Fisherman's Bastion (photo 1). Find a moment when no one is sitting in the window and make sure you can see the Parliament! 

Point 2: you can also take a photo of the Danube! (Picture 2) Take a special picture of a bridge or a boat. The lights are even more beautiful in the evening, when the lights come on at sunset. Best point: 

Point 3: on the Buda side you can see the Parliament very nicely, and the Danube too! Catch a moment when there are no cars or boats in the background! (photo 3) 

Point 4: on the Pest side, you can take pictures showing a bridge and the Buda side! The lights are beautiful in the evening or at dawn. 

Point 5: the Parliament is beautiful not only from the castle! You can also take great pictures of the gate side, although you probably won't see the whole thing, but you can see the towers and the dome (picture 5) 

Point 6: the Fisherman's Bastion is also beautiful from below! Peaks, stairs and arches everywhere! (Image 6) This is a great place to take lots of creative pictures and a perfect location for a group photo. 

Point 7: St. Stephen's Basilica fits into the picture if you stand on the other side of the square. Only at dawn will the square be empty. (Image 7) But you can take a picture with only the dome visible. 

Point 8: You can take a lot of great pictures on Margaret Island, but perhaps the most exciting point is the "Japanese Garden"! Special plants, small pond and bridges (photo 8) 

Point 9: on Gellért Hill, you can take great photos not only at the "Statue of Liberty" (although the view from there is the best), but also on the paths and stairs (photo 9) 

Point 10: on the Pest side, the view is beautiful if you walk just below the Parliament (near Margaret Bridge). Try to take a picture where you can see the Danube, the Parliament and the Castle (picture 10) 

7. Treasure map for children

The points below are a real "treasure hunt map" for kids, to make sightseeing exciting for the little ones! Preschoolers and school children sometimes have too much history, their little eyes can't take in all the huge buildings and statues. So finding some "treasures" and hidden spots will help them to get to know the city and make the sightseeing interesting.

Hey Kids! Pay close attention now, because there are a lot of things to find on the walk that adults often don't even notice! Sometimes you have to look for tiny things, sometimes big things, sometimes high things, sometimes by your feet, so you have to be very clever! YAY :)


1. Heroes' Square: 'An angel in the sky, symbolising Hungary's proud future'

Solution: in the middle of the square, a statue of the archangel Gabriel in the sky, representing glory: 

2. Heroes' Square: "A bearded king with many books, who was a true wise ruler"

Solution: statue of Kálmán the Wise, the 3rd statue in the left row of columns: a wise king who was originally a priest: 

3. The Castle of Vajdahunyad: "A mysterious figure with a covered face who wrote the history of the Hungarians."

Solution: Vajdahunyad Castle, statue of Anonymus (the historian) 

4. City Park: "A huge gate with 4 stone elephants".

Solution: City Park, Zoo Boulevard, main entrance of the Zoo 

5. St. Stephen's Basilica: "12 faces on a huge bronze gate"

Solution: the faces of the 12 apostles on the gate of the Basilica 

6. October 6 Street: 'An old-time policeman with a huge belly and a proud Hungarian moustache'

Solution: the intersection of Október 6. utca and Zrínyi utca, a bronze statue of a policeman who lived between 1909 and 1945 

7. Liberty Square: "A tiny little frog watches the square"

Solution: on the left, statue of Mikhail Kolodko Frog 

8. Parliament (Kossuth Square) : "3 identical yet different faces"

Solution: 3 carved faces with beards and different facial expressions above the main entrance (Kossuth Square) 


9. Buda Castle: Fisherman's Bastion: "7 proud towers, like 7 generals guarding the castle"

Solution: The 7 towers of the Fisherman's Bastion, reminding us of the 7 ancient Hungarian generals 

10. Hess András Square 3. "A little red hedgehog watches over the inhabitants of the castle"

Solution: The Red Sin House, once an inn, is the oldest building in the castle.

11. Szent György Square (at the gate of the palace courtyard, at the lookout) "A little bunny spies the Pest side and the Chain Bridge"

Solution: the old cartoon character, the "Rabbit with the crooked ears" - another mini statue of Kolodko on the terrace of the lookout, next to the telescope, watching the reconstruction of the Chain Bridge (which was preceded by much controversy) 

12. Szent György Square "A giant bird at rest: it led the ancient Hungarian tribes to the right place"

Solution: St. George's Square: top right: the mythological turul bird who helped the Hungarians find a home in Europe

If you managed to find everything, congratulations! Eat an ice cream or a horn cake in St. George's Square :)