Pálinka tasting and Hungarian snacks

Hungry from sightseeing? Go to the retro Hungarian restaurant and taste the Hungarian flavours (sausages, bacon, fresh bread and vegetables) and the national alcoholic drink of the Hungarians: pálinka! 

This Hungarian restaurant, next to the Great Market Hall, has been operating for 20 years and offers real Hungarian flavours and drinks, so it's the perfect choice if you are NOT looking for international cuisine or modern fine dining restaurants in Budapest, but for the Hungarian reality!

The package includes:

- Hungarian tasting: two kinds of hungarian sausage, meaty bacon, two kinds of salami, fresh vegetables, fresh bread

- 4 cl palinka (50 degrees)

- water in a jug


- I Love Budapest information pack to make your entire stay in Budapest easier (restaurant recommendations, coupons, packing planner, FAQ, dictionary, etc.)

- BML e-book + 2-day city tour planner

The price is per person and is only for people over 18 years old.

You can show up at the restaurant with the voucher you receive after purchase, table reservation may be required!

10,000 Ft