General contractual conditions

By placing an order, you agree to our basic rules.

Our prices are net prices.

Tour cancellation policy: 7-4 days in advance: 30% penalty, 72 hours in advance: 50% penalty, 48 hours in advance: 75% penalty, 24 hours in advance: 100% penalty

The length of the tour can only be shortened on the spot if the full price of the booked tour is paid. In the event of a delay, a waiting time fee will be charged and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to extend the length of the tour. In the case of early arrival, we cannot guarantee that the guide will be able to arrive early. We reserve the right to change the route of the tour, e.g. due to road closures.

Cancellation conditions for cruises and meals. Only products purchased on site are allowed on the boat and in the restaurant. In case of late arrival, service is not guaranteed. In the case of our partners' services, their policies apply.