Zwack Unicum museum in Budapest


Zwack Unicum bitter liqueur is made from extracts and distillates of more than forty herbs and spices from home and abroad. The drink was first produced by Dr. Zwack, an ancestor of the Zwack family, as a remedy for Emperor Joseph Habsburg in 1790. In 1790, after tasting the remedy, the emperor said: "Das ist ein Unikum!". Thus he gave his name to the herbal drink, which later became a liqueur bottled in distinctive spherical bottles.

Unikum is a Hungarian specialty, known as the national drink of Hungary. The recipe is a family secret, according to which Unicum is aged in oak barrels for six months in the cellar of the Soroksári út factory. In 2012 we launched Unicum Szilva, the world's first bitter liqueur matured in oak barrels based on fruit. Unicum Plum is produced using the same recipe as Unicum, although it owes its unique flavor and velvety texture to maturation in a plum base, while retaining Unicum's strong character.

In 2017, our company introduced Unicum Riserva to the Unicum super-premium range. Unicum, which is the base of the product, is matured in the largest and oldest barrels of the Pray Street Soroksár cellar system in Budapest and is over 80 years old.

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