What do I love about being a tour guide??


I've been a tour guide for 15 years now, and to mark the occasion I've put together a list of what I love about my job as a tour guide in Budapest!

1. I love tourists! They are all different, with different personalities, different types of curiosity, different backgrounds, different humour. Every morning I am excited to see who I will meet that day. And every day is filled with the love I receive!

2. I love representing Budapest! For many tourists, the tour guide is the only Hungarian they get to know up close. So I take my profession seriously, as I represent a city/country and I am very very proud of it!

3. I love seeing the city fill with values and colours for tourists, based on the information they hear!

4. I love the sparkle in the eyes when the beautiful panorama of Budapest is first revealed to the group, and even though I have seen it thousands of times as a guide, it is just as beautiful to me.

5. I love the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a Budapest sightseeing program, that I have given all the important information, that I have made someone's program more beautiful and that I have met new and wonderful people.

6. I like the feeling of being physically and mentally exhausted at work, as a Budapest walking tour can take up to 4-8 hours!

7. I also like the questions that I can't answer right away, because I have to search for the information and I learn.

8. I love it when my tourists call me years later or send me a message at Christmas to let me know that I gave them something special.

9. I love that each group gives much more than my daily fee! Smiles, laughter, energy, but I've also received regional gifts and had choirs sing for me... Yesterday for example I cried for minutes, I got such a beautiful acapella performance from the group at the end of our walk...

10. I love my job. I love what I give. I love the people I give it to. And I love what I represent.

Thank you for being here and I hope to work as a guide in Budapest for a very long time to come!

To book a tour: budapestmylove@gmail.com