Sissi's favourite castle: the Grassalkovich Palace in Gödöllő


Sissy's favourite weekend castle is the "Grassalkovich Palace", a beautiful baroque castle in Gödöllő. Gödöllő is a fabulous town not far from Budapest, where the main attraction is the snow-white, beautifully restored "Grassalkovich Palace".

The original castle was built by the Grassalkovich family in the 19th century and later became a favourite place of the imperial couple, next to the Buda Castle.

As the National Gallery is housed in Buda Castle, you can really get a glimpse into Sissy's life here. Her rooms, dressing table and salons await you.

Queen Elisabeth, our "Sissy", not only loved Hungarians, but was instrumental in the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and in giving Hungarians more role/rights in politics. This happened after the signing of the "reconciliation". Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria eventually became King of Hungary and Queen Sissi.

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