Relax and have fun! This is our favourite park in Budapest!


Városliget (City Park) is the largest green area on the Pest side.

It's not only for walking and picnicking, but also for sights like Heroes' Square, Vajdahunyad Castle, the lake and the museums (Museum of Fine Arts and Kunsthalle).

But you will also have the opportunity to have fun, as there is a spa (Széchényi Baths), a zoo and a circus! There are also playgrounds, trampolines, boating and cafes/restaurants.

If you are coming to Budapest with a small child, this place is not to be missed! However, even with school groups, it is worth leaving free time for the kids here. Parents or teachers can have a coffee while the kids are active in the sun :)

So the whole toddler and teenager will have a great time!

From here you can take the old metro (line 1) to get to the city centre, which is also interesting to see.

Ask for your own guide to get to know the city and get ideas on how to spend time with the family afterwards!

Tourist guides in Budapest: