Is there Halloween in Hungary?

Is there Halloween in Hungary? Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Hungary, even though the holiday has not traditionally existed here. In Hungary, 1 November is All Saints' Day and 2 November is the Day of the Dead.

 According to popular belief, the souls of the dead find rest, peace and relief from their suffering. In many places, it was believed that on the night between the two feasts, the dead would say mass in the church and return home accompanied by the sound of bells. It was therefore customary in some places to lay a table for them and light a lamp in each room so that the returning spirits could find their way around the house.

Although it is still a tradition to go to the cemetery and remember family members, Halloween is also becoming increasingly popular.


Giving chocolate or candy is not yet fashionable, but Halloween decorations and costume parties are now commonplace in many places, especially in Budapest.

 Although there is already a costume party in Hungary (FARSANG, at the end of February, when we banish winter with masks), costumes and masks are a great treat for children and adults in October.

As Budapest is quite a multicultural city, we can imagine that the chocolate collection will soon be popular.

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