How to organise a trip to Budapest for a BIG group?


Are you a teacher, a tour operator or just want to organise a trip to Budapest for your group (40-50 people)? Here's what to look out for.


Budapest is a very busy city for tourism, so the most important thing is to try to organise as much as possible. A group of 40-50 people should book their accommodation about half a year or so in advance.

Around January you won't be able to accommodate a group of this size for spring or summer in Budapest. Therefore, please always start planning your trip VERY EARLY, the first step of which is accommodation.


Once you have the applicants and the accommodation, you will of course have to organise the travel (bus). You will of course need to find this in your own country, but it is also worth checking with them if they are available in Budapest. If the driver needs to rest, you will have to organise the sightseeing and activities without a bus. (No problem! However, you need to know in advance whether the group will be moving with or without a bus.


The next step is to find a DRIVER. It is a good idea to ask for a guide at the beginning of your stay. For example, if you are in Budapest for 4 days, you can have a guide for the 1st or 2nd day to get to know the city, and the other days you can walk, cruise, etc. independently. If you feel it is necessary, hire an audio guide. Tell the guide that

- whether you have seen the city with or without a bus

- what kind of group (e.g. pensioners? school children?)

- how many hours you want to spend with them (e.g. half day? 2x half day? 2 full days?)

- wishes (e.g. you want to go on a boat trip... you want to end up at the hotel...)


Then organise the meals, taking into account whether the group will have dinner at the hotel! Organise other activities (boat trip, museum, spa...). If you don't have any ideas, ask the guide what he/she recommends. She may organise the activities and meals for you (I do).


Always leave free time for the group, at least a couple of hours! When you can shop, eat alone, walk around, take photos. Make it clear to them where and when the meeting is, and have a phone number for the group leader!

Feel free to ask me, I have been a guide in Budapest for 15 years :)