How to holiday with small children at Lake Balaton


1. Start with the weather! In summer in Hungary, it's 25-35 degrees and the sun is bright. Strong sunscreen, umbrella, beach tent and a small hat are a must for your little one. Beaches usually have trees for shade. However, 1-1 quick thunderstorms are common in the summer at BAlaton! So include a little raincoat and wellies in your pack.

2. The key to everything is accommodation. With small children, it's a good idea to book accommodation close to the beach. There are hotels right on the beach. This way you can comfortably run up with your little one if they're sleepy, or you want to breastfeed them, or you need something.

3. The water is shallower here, and you can even sit on the sandy beach and swim. On the North shore the water is deeper, not all beaches have "baby" beaches.

4. Bring lots of sand toys because there are plenty of sandy beaches and playgrounds! Although if you forget, you can get them cheaply at the beach or shop. Bring even small motorbikes or bicycles, because there are many places with pedestrian streets (without cars) where you will have the opportunity to play with them.

5. If you don't bring a highchair, that's ok, most hotels and restaurants have them. You have to ask the hotel, but many places have cots. You can also get diapers and formula at any store!

6. I recommend these places especially for families:

Lelle, Földvár, Almádi, Máriafürdő, Zamárdi.

If you are in Hungary, make sure you visit the capital, Budapest.

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