Eger is a beautiful city in the north of Hungary. Most people know it for its famous medieval castle and the wines of Eger.

One of its most famous sights is the Basilica, the second largest in the country.

The castle is an interesting and huge attraction. It played an important role in the Middle Ages, during the Turkish occupation. Even now you can visit the museums, the labyrinth and the cannons.

The main square (Dobó Square) and the small streets of the city centre have a special atmosphere.

There are many wine cellars in and around the town, as the area is famous for its wine production.

There is also a 40-metre high original Turkish minaret in the town.

There are several thermal baths in the city, some of which are original Turkish baths, others are newer spas.

There are also several lookout towers and other attractions in the area.

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