Don't stress about packing, here's what to bring with you to Budapest this spring!


It's always a big question of what to pack for a multi-day trip, especially to a country where the weather is quite variable. I can help!

Spring weather in Budapest can be very hot, cool, sunny and rainy. Yes, I know it sounds complicated, but don't be scared!


- It may sound complicated, but it's easy.

- trainers (waterproof!)

- T-shirt

- thin sweater

- denim jacket or leather jacket

- sunglasses

If you're coming for 3 days and sightseeing on each of them, that's enough. You don't need to dress up much for the boat tour or restaurant, so don't stress about it, feel free to leave your heels at home!


- cocktail dress, but with a small jacket

- pants and top + small jacket

If you have a party where you want to look prettier, feel free to bring a nicer pair of shoes, but don't forget the little coat, and leave the summer dresses at home because March and April can still be chilly!


- Umbrella

- raincoat

- waterproof shoes

If you only put 1 pair of shoes in, they should be waterproof. Because it rains a lot in spring! Have a raincoat with you, it's much more comfortable for sightseeing than an umbrella and takes up less space.


Of course bring your own medicine, but there are many pharmacies in Budapest. The pharmacists are very well trained, so if you just show them a photo of what medicine you need or tell them in English what your complaint is, they will be able to recommend something.

Have a canteen with you! Especially if you're going sightseeing: you'll get thirsty walking around, and there are hills and stairs in the city :)

If you have some forints, that's good, but you can basically pay everywhere with euros and cards.

I've written before about what to bring on holiday with little kids, check out that blog post too! :)

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