Cosy spring walks in Budapest


Budapest is wonderful in spring: lots of trees in bloom, sunshine and smiling people on the streets. It's worth taking long walks, soaking up the scents and drinking a latte near the Parliament.

Where to walk in the spring sunshine in Budapest?

There are flowering trees and cafés around the Parliament, and a cosy stroll through the galleries

The banks of the Danube offer beautiful views and a pleasant place to sit, while the square in front of the Vigadó in Pest has a real Budapest vibe

In the City Park you'll find a beautiful park, a lake, green trees and entertainment: a zoo, a circus, a spa

Take a walk in Buda, too, on the Rose Hill, or at the tomb of the "Gül baba", or on the banks of the Danube on the Buda side

A pleasant walk in the Royal Castle is also a must, an afternoon stroll with fine wine and a beautiful view

In the city centre, around the synagogue, there are cosy little restaurants and a real Peti atmosphere.

If you want to know more about the city, ask for a guide!