Budapest sightseeing with teenagers


Budapest sightseeing with teenagers

A classic city tour with teenagers is a real challenge for a guide in the 21st century. Teenagers are looking for experiences, beauty and connection rather than historical facts and dates. Guides in Budapest also face the challenge of how to programme with school groups, as the basic knowledge still needs to be conveyed...

There is nothing more demotivating for teenagers than endless historical narratives and new buildings. But it is also terrible for the guides to see bored faces.

My solution is the "Budapest sightseeing teen package." Developed for school groups, the tour includes the itinerary and information of the classic Budapest sightseeing tour, but

- more interesting and fun facts are emphasized, a little less dates

- fun games (e.g. find the horse statue and take a funny selfie)

- there is also a little "Hungarian language lesson" when we "learn to read in Hungarian" - always a lot of fun for the team

- you have to "work" in teams, so it also builds community

- it has very simple test questions that the children will definitely remember

- the main goal is to make the trip to Budapest a positive memory, an experience to remember forever and

- the winning team will receive a small gift pack (Hungarian sweets)

If you are coming to Budapest with a school group, we definitely recommend you to use this package - it doesn't cost extra money, just let us know in advance that you are bringing children/teenagers to Budapest.

The package is only available with a BLANKA guide.

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