Are you a group organiser? Your group will love this Budapest programme!


If you're a group organiser or a travel agent, you'll want to make sure that your group programme in Budapest is fun!

What NOT to do:

- don't want to see too much in one day, because your tourists won't enjoy the day!

- don't try to see Budapest and other cities in one day, spread it over several days

- don't want to try a lot of Hungarian food, because your tourists will spoil their stomachs :)


1. IF you're only one day, ask us for a minimum of 6 hours of sightseeing in Budapest and we'll schedule you which are the most important attractions to see.

2. If you're in Budapest for several days, we'll split the programme so that, for example, one day is Pest, another day Buda, or one day Budapest and the 2nd day Szentendre...

3. Make sure you take a break. Budapest is a very intense city, so after 4-5 hours or so it is a good idea to take a break to allow the group to process the experience.

4. See the Opera, Basilica and Parliament enterior also! This is an extra cost, but a very nice experience!

5. If possible, use the Budapest metro! This is also possible with a large group (50 people). (One ticket, about 1 euro, so not an extra cost, but interesting.)

6. Try the hungarian dishes! It is worth checking the menu with the restaurant in advance!