3 tricks to move around Budapest with confidence as a tourist


Budapest's city centre is pretty easy to get around, so with a few simple tricks you can get around the city with confidence!

1. Take a long walk with a map

On your first day, take a walk around the city centre (around the Basilica, the Parliament, the Danube bank) with a map. This way you can easily understand that downtown Budapest is small enough not to panic! You can get almost everywhere by bus or tram, and the map (Google Maps) shows you very nicely where to go with what.

2. Always look: where is the Danube?

The Danube, which is in the middle of the city, is a super compass! It's always easy to find your way if you know where the Danube is: if you can see the Danube, or see on the map which side of the Danube you are on, you can find out whether you need to go to the right, left, towards the Danube or away from the Danube to get to your destination.

3. Leave the car and walk or use public transport.

Because of traffic jams and limited parking space, it is better to leave the car behind. Public transport is really good, so use it! Buy an all-day Budapest pass: you don't have to manage it, just have it with you and show it to the inspector if he asks! There are 24, 36 and 72 hour ones, and even 1-week ones!

If you walk with a guide, you really can walk 100% safely, 100% focused on the experience! No need to look at maps, ask questions, stress. 

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