10 Hungarian wines you MUST taste


Hungarian wines are very diverse and almost every style of wine can be found in our small country. This is due to the country's location and climate. People are most familiar with Tokaji Aszú or Egri Bikavér, but the Hungarian wine world is much more colourful than that! Here are 5 red and 5 white wines you must try.

Some basic information about Hungarian wines:

Hungary has been an important wine-growing area from the very beginning, due to its natural conditions, and there is evidence of this from as early as the 5th century. Wine has also been a significant symbol, for example, important treaties were sealed with a wine libation.

Under socialism, quantity was more important than quality, but this changed after the change of regime. Now the world of wine is booming.

These are the Hungarian red wine varieties to try


The kéknyelű is a native Hungarian grape variety, also known as the gentleman's grape. The red wine made from it is full-bodied, characterful, high in alcohol, acidity and extract. It has a restrained bouquet, with flavours of peach, citrus, sometimes floral and herbaceous, which can be complemented by aromas of Turkish honey and nuts in late harvests. Although it has a very pleasant taste even when young, if you taste it after several years of ageing, you can expect a real experience, which is why it deserves its place among the best Hungarian wines.

Where to find it?

In Badacsony

In the Balaton highlands

Etyek-Buda Wine Region


Kunság wine region


The origin of the Kadarka grape is uncertain, some speculate that it originates from Asia Minor, others from Albania. Its name is also of Albanian origin: it derives from the Serbo-Croatian name "Skadar" from the Albanian town of Skodhra. It has been cultivated in Hungary since the 18th century.

The wine made from it is less full-bodied, more translucent in colour, but with a rich spicy aroma. It has a special taste, surprisingly spicy, like its smell, but light. Its character is determined by the soil on which it is grown: while looser, sandy soils produce a thinner and fresher red wine, looser, loamy soils produce a higher quality, fuller-bodied red wine. A wine with real character and an unforgettable taste experience.

Where to find it?

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