Zwack Unicum bitter liqueur is made from extracts and distillates of more than forty herbs and spices from home and abroad. The drink was first produced by Dr. Zwack, an ancestor of the Zwack family, as a remedy for Emperor Joseph Habsburg in 1790. In 1790, after tasting the remedy, the emperor said: "Das ist ein Unikum!". Thus he gave...

Street names in Budapest have often changed depending on the current political regimes.
Maps always had to be reprinted and people had to learn the new names.
When a street name changes, the old street name plate must (by law) remain for at least two years, crossed out in red.
If a street is named after a...

Why do old Budapest trams smell of cannabis?
If you've ever been to Budapest, you've probably smelled the "weedy smell" of the old Ganz trams, and the common Hungarian answer is that they use cannabis oil to lubricate parts of the vehicles.
I'm not entirely sure if that's the reason, but it's certain that you can smell the...

If you're coming to Budapest with your loved one, it's worth visiting some of the most romantic and beautiful places in the city, in addition to a classic sightseeing tour. It's sure to be a memorable experience! Here are some ideas of places to visit that are not for classic tourists!

As a tourist in Budapest, there are 4 bridges you need to know, because they are in the centre of the city. They connect Buda and Pest, you can get to the other side in a few minutes.

Whether it's an afternoon sightseeing cruise or an evening dinner on the Danube, it's all possible! On the Legends website you are sure to find a program that suits you!